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Make a bright and colorful impression with our custom, illuminated electric signs.

Electric Signs

Take advantage of the latest technology in neon, LED and backlit signs when working with our Inverness, Florida, design shop. From business signs to logos, Ryan-Markland Signs makes your company stand out. For your assurance, a 1-year warranty is provided on all parts and labor. We have a neon plant in our sign shop, which allows us to design and build all types of illuminated signs for grocery stores, retail outlets and any business, large or small.

Ryan-Markland Signs custom-builds and sells Neon, LED, Backlit, Pylons and Reader Boards.

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Ryan-Markland Signs has been in continuous operation with the same ownership since 1981. We are a full service sign manufacturer for all your signage needs, including all types of Illuminated and non-illuminated signs. We are Certified by the State of Florida as an Electrical Sign Contractor. We offer a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Inverness Fl.

Our facility includes a fully computerized art department with the latest software for sign design, an in-house neon plant & full sheet metal department. We also offer crane, bucket, service trucks and aerial man lifts. In addition to sign manufacturing we offer a complete apparel division including screen printing and embroidery.

Our professional, licensed technicians are available to provide you with constant care and maintenance of your entire facility's lighting and sign systems. Our customer care department will help with accurate surveys to provide you with signage, property, and security lighting maintenance on any schedule. In this way, you are protected and provided with all the information you need to properly maintain your facility.

We have the equipment, manpower and experience to properly install your new sign or replace your existing sign. Pole mounts, building mounts, ground or pedestal mounts, with power or without, our professionals can get the job done right!

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Sign Styles

  • Neon Signs

    Neon adds color and light for a variety of advertising purposes. It’s a perfect eye-catcher for both large and small business signage. Bring your brand to light using bright, colorful neon signs.

  • LED Signs

    The LED message center sign provides the most dynamic way to get your message across to your audience. We offer single color to full color options. We also provide a variety of price points. These highly versatile signs are perfect for retail stores, churches, hotels and restaurants—and for organizations whose messages change frequently.

  • Backlit Signs

    Use Backlit signs to create vibrant, colorful displays that attract attention. Ideal for presenting promotions, information and branded messages, backlit signs are great for retail stores, shopping malls, museums, airports and hospitals. Get backlit signs from Ryan-Markland Signs to bring images and words together in exciting backlit displays.

  • Pylon Signs

    We can handle pylon signs from start to finish. We will handle enigeering, permitting, hole digging, concrete work, setting poles, electrical and install cabinets and poles.

  • Reader Boards

    We offer a variety of reader boards for schools, banks, churches and businesses. We provide a variety of sizes with the changeable copy marquee monument signs and the marquee pole or pedestal signs. These give you high visibility and the flexibility to update your message.